Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Express Solidarity with Peoples Struggle against Racial Oppression and Class Exploitation in USA!

Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist)

Central Committee



Express Solidarity with Peoples Struggle against

Racial Oppression and Class Exploitation in USA!

     Tens of thousands of people, mainly young and working class of all races, have taken to the streets of American cities to protest the police murder in Minneapolis of George Floyd, a 46-year-old Afro-American man, who died with a policeman’s knee on his throat for nine minutes, while horrified bystanders pleaded for his life and recorded the killing in videos that have shocked the world.


    The protestors are now branded as “thugs” and “thieves” -the usual ploy of the ruling classes. This not only meant to covers up US imperialism's failure to end racism, but also to obfuscate its perpetuation of economic and social inequalities existing the US society.  The upheaval taking place across the country is now as much about class as it is about racial injustice and police brutality.


     The long list of Black men shot to death by cops at a staggering rate—2.5 times greater than whites;  20% of the entire Black population, even before the Covid crisis, was living in severe poverty, some 9 million people; The  effects of Covid-19’s massive unemployment, some 40 million; The virus’s death disparity, the continued assault of black lives by the police force -  these are the underlying racial and class dynamics, that led to the countrywide protest.

     There is no doubt that racism was an important element in the murder of George Floyd. But racism is encouraged in a definite social context, of deepening social inequality under the US imperialism, where the ruling class makes every effort to divide and split the working class. More than 1,000 people are victims of police violence in America each year, and while a

disproportionate number are black, the largest number are white. What nearly all have in common is that they come from the working class, most from its poorest layers.


     The Central Committee of CPI(ML) strongly condemns the use of police and military forces to suppress the people by the Trump's administration. It calls upon the people and democratic forces to express solidarity with the struggle of the American people for social justice and economic equality.


3 June 2020

Vijayawada                                                                                        with revolutionary greeting,


                                                                                           General Secretary


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